NSS® Wrangler 2016 DB Automatic Scrubber -20", Wheel-Drive

NSS® Wrangler 2016 DB Automatic Scrubber -20", Wheel-Drive

Item # NSS-2302072

  • A tight turning radius and scrub head lock-down feature allow this mid-sized machine to tackle heavy scrub and standard scrub jobs with ease.
  • Pad drive motor: 0.75 HP, permanent magnet gear, 24V
  • Vac motor: 0.75 HP, 3-stage, bypass tangential discharge
  • Four 6V 225 AH batteries
20", Wheel-Drive, ea
Manufacturer Item #2302072

Its 20" scrubbing path makes quick work of any task. A rugged, rotocast-polyethylene body and 7-gauge steel frame deliver long term durability.


  • Large tanks, 16 gallon solution and 17 gallon recovery, keep this mid-size scrubber on the job longer.
  • Battery-powered, includes an on-board battery charger for convenient recharging anywhere an electric outlet is available.
  • Swing squeegee with breakaway feature and Linatex blades provides excellent pickup even on turns, both forward and reverse.
  • Front-fill and drain of tanks saves time. Both functions can be completed by simply taking the machine to a slop sink, without turning it around.
  • The solution-fill port is on the outside, no need to open up the machine to add solution.
  • The percolator helps break down recovered foam to protect the vacuum motor.
  • This wheel-drive unit features twist-grip handle to easily control propulsion.
  • The polyethylene body is non-corrosive and will withstand heavy-duty commercial use.
  • The side opening provides easy access to the batteries.
  • A powerful 0.75 HP gear motor rotates the scrub brush at a steady 270 rpm.
  • The built-in battery tray drain permits quick clean-up in the case of battery acid spills inside the battery compartment.
  • The scrub head tilts up for easy pad and brush changes, and is offset for close edge cleaning.
  • A solenoid automatically shuts off the solution flow when the brushes stop, preventing accidental flooding during pauses in operation.
  • Mid-mount wheels provide superior maneuverability and a tight turning radius.
  • The unique breakaway squeegee assembly keeps the machine working when others must be taken off the job to be repaired.


  • Pad Drive Motor Pressure: Floating 60 lbs, locked 80 lbs.
  • Waterlift: 58"
  • Drive Motor: Gear-reduced transaxle w/permanent magnet motor, 24V, 0.34 HP.
  • Wheels: Two 8" x 4" dia with slip grip tread
  • Casters: Delron; two 3.5" dia x 1.25" ball bearing swivel casters.
  • Float: Ball type
  • Tool Kit: 2-piece wand with 7' hose, hose connector and 17" squeegee tool.
  • Sound Level: 65 dBA @ operator
  • Dimensions: 55" L x 21" W x 39.5" H
  • Weight: 483 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 year limited, 10 years poly parts
  • Productivity: 20,000 sq ft per hour
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